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The 4ZERO Cuff is the fastest and strongest disposable restraint product available. The 4ZERO Cuff is designed to be preassembled in the Quad-Loop configuration, for extremely fast deployment in applying the restraint to the subject. The two smaller loops will accommodate fingers with gloves, and allow fast application of the re-straint even if the hands are wet/icy/greasy/etc. The 4ZERO Flexible Restraint is made from high-impact resistant polymer and is designed to function without breaking in any environmental condition that may be encountered. Normal nylon zip tie type restraints are made from unmodified nylon 66 and are subject to brittleness and breaking in extremely dry or cold conditions.


4ZERO Cuffs are manufactured in the USA under ISO 9000 certification, confirming the strong commitment to quality and reliability. Each lot of parts is vigorously tested for function and strength.

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